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At Serenity Home Health Care & Rehab we are always here to help you. Here are some general guidelines for when it might be appropriate for families to consider hospice care:

  1. Terminal Diagnosis: If a patient has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and their prognosis is six months or less, it may be time to consider hospice care. This can include conditions such as advanced cancer, end-stage heart or lung disease, or advanced dementia.
  2. Declining Health: If a patient’s health is declining despite aggressive medical treatment, it may be time to consider transitioning to hospice care. This can include situations where the patient is experiencing frequent hospitalizations, infections, or other complications.
  3. Pain and Symptom Management: If a patient is experiencing significant pain or other distressing symptoms that are difficult to manage, hospice care can provide specialized support in pain and symptom management.
  4. Quality of Life: If a patient’s quality of life is significantly impacted by their illness and they are no longer able to participate in activities that bring them joy, hospice care can help to improve their quality of life and provide support to both the patient and their family.
  5. Patient and Family Goals: If a patient and their family have decided to focus on comfort and quality of life rather than aggressive medical treatment, hospice care can provide the support they need to achieve these goals.

It’s important to remember that every patient is unique, and the decision to transition to hospice care should be based on the individual patient’s needs and goals, as well as the input of their healthcare team and family members. As a home health agency in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Washtenaw County, we are here to provide a valuable role in helping families navigate this decision and connect them with the resources they need to make an informed choice. Contact us for more information.