Serenity Home Care & Rehab Services is following the listed protocol steps to ensure that our office staff remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.



All office staff have received information regarding:


  • COVID-19 symptoms
  • Safety protocols
  • Travel reporting requirements
  • Proper handwashing techniques
  • Warnings signs of illness
  • Infection control protocols, including effective cleaning and disinfection of surface and hands



The following questions are asked to our office staff upon arrival daily:


  • Do you have any symptoms of concern today – cough, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, body aches, headache?
  • Do you have a temperature of 99.5 degrees F or higher today?
  • Have you recently been around anyone that has the above symptoms of concern?
  • Does anyone in your community (people you regularly spend time with) have COVID-19 virus or is anyone being tested for it? Community includes places you live, worship, school, play.


Depending on the severity of the symptoms a staff member may be asked to work from home, quarantine for 14 days, or receive testing for Covid-19.



The following practices are being used daily while our office is operational:


  • Handwashing according to CDC guidelines.
  • Social distancing – remaining 6 feet apart and using virtual meetings when applicable
  • Our waiting room is closed and our door remains locked to the general public. In order to enter our building you must knock or call our office in advance so that we can screen appropriately.
  • Constant communication and screening with caregivers and clients.