City of Ypsilanti

S.A.L.T. Mission Statement

S.A.L.T  is a voice to advocate for action to ensure that Seniors live in a healthy, safe, enjoyable and vibrant community. The team will act as a communication link between seniors and service providers, increase awareness of services for seniors and support seniors in the community. S.A.L.T.  acknowledges seniors as an important and valuable resource in the community.

What is S.A.L.T.? 

S.A.L.T. stands for Seniors And Law Enforcement Together. It is a cooperative effort of the Catholic Social Services, Washtenaw County Police Departments and the Senior Citizens of Washtenaw County.

hat is S.A.L.T.’S purpose?

  • To decrease crime and the “fear” of crime in order to raise livability for our seniors. 
  • To increase and improve senior crime prevention and education. 
  • To improve local law enforcement’s knowledge of the crime prevention needs of seniors. 
  • To identify the concerns of local senior citizens. 
  • To improve senior victim assistance. 
  • To involve senior citizens in crime prevention and the educational efforts of S.A.L.T. and to raise awareness of the community of these special issues. 

What can S.A.L.T. do? 

S.A.L.T. Council activities have included the following: 

1. Monthly programs on issues seniors have identified, i.e., telemarketing scams, mail theft, check fraud, ombudsman, etc. 
2. Presented training for officers on sensitivity issues with Alzheimer’s patients encountered on the streets as lost or missing. 
3. Created, published and distributed brochure on Elder Abuse which raised awareness of issue and provided LOCAL support. 
4. Refrigerator cards which list crucial medical and emergency information about a resident with special needs to aid emergency personnel dispatched to the home. 
5. Neighborhood Watch programs to address the specific concerns of senior neighbors.

How does S.A.L.T. work? 

The S.A.L.T. Council is a group made up of representatives of Catholic Social Services, Washtenaw County Police Agencies and local Senior Citizens. Learn more at