Fall season is one of the most beautiful seasons. Here are a few tips to stay safe during this change of season (autumn) and beyond. This is a great time to check on your senior friends and family and help them out with these tasks to keep them safe and to get ready for colder weather. They would appreciate this and most definitely the company! 

1.    Get vaccinated

Seniors are at greater risk of influenza during autumn. What’s worse, the flu can aggravate pre-existing health conditions and even require hospitalization. So, before the winter sets in, consult your physician and get the required flu shots.

2.    Keep yourself warm

While it may not be cold enough to pull out your sweaters and jackets, you may want to put on additional layers of clothing throughout autumn. Go for non-skid shoes that will keep you from falling or tripping over. 

3.    Maintain your HVAC to regulate indoor temperature

Make sure that your heating systems are in great shape by scheduling regular maintenance. If you have a fireplace, get the chimney and furnaces inspected and cleaned to prevent fire hazards.

handy, and get help clearing the snow in case your area gets an early winter storm.

4.    Light up your surroundings

The key to preventing unfortunate falls and trips is to watch where you are walking, which in turn requires your living space to be well-lit. Here are a few lighting tips that may help you:

  • Place the lamp next to your bed within your reach
    • Set up ltimers to turn ilghts on when it’s dusk 
  • Reduce fire risk- and check your fire alarm batteries 

: As the temperature falls, it’s common to start using space heaters or fireplaces to warm up the home. Seniors should ensure that flammable objects are kept far away from these types of appliances. It’s also important to inspect fire extinguishers to ensure they are in working condition, and that batteries are replaced in smoke detectors.

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